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Video Poker Guide

Video Poker one of the favorite and popular games on the online casino's that combining elements of both poker and poker it's similar  the same game rule as poker but the different is that on video poker you play against the machine and on regular poker games you play againset the dealer and the other players.

on video poker the machine function as dealer and dealt five cards from regular standart fifty two cards pack,the player has one opportunity to hold his favorit cards or discard any number of unwanted cards,the player will recive now cards against the number of discard cards,for example if the player was discard 3 cards he will recive equal number of replacment 3 cards.

the win is determined by the next law if the player will hold strong poker hands than the dealer the player win and the dealer than pay to the player according to a fixed scale of odds accordind to the type of hands.if the player final hands is low then the bet is lost to the dealer

The exact odds offered and minnimum wining hand changed from game to game and you can find on some games great offer that call "Cumulative Jackpot " which is won by high hand.

you can see below the strong hand card from highest hand to the lowest


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