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Slots Games - How to play ,Gaming Tips & Rules

  • Slots Machines are easy to learn and operate,the player not need to be genius or senior surgeon ,basically all you have to do just drop coins into the slot mashine and push the button or pull the handle for spinthat's all!!! cross your fingers and now maybe you will be the next winner of the prize pot cumulative

Many reel spinnig machines have a single payout line painted across the center of the glass in front of the reels, others have three payout lines,even five payout line.each corresponding  to a coin player,the symbols that stop on payout line determine whether a player wins.the common set of symbols might be cherries,bars,duble bars,triple,and seven.

Several Tips:

 - before you play slot machines online read the rewards and make sure the amount    comes to slot machine games,some game machines cost only one cent,while others are required even five dollars for spinning.

 - Alwayes play the maximum bet possible,this is the only way to get slot machines plus a handsome sum  that  lets win prize.

 - before start playing slot machines set loss to win the border in advance.for example,if i win in 2000$ leave the slot machine ,but if you lose 500$ then leave the slot machine and take a break of couple hours.

 - Very importent to have a game plan or you can find your self  be disappointed  

 - if you do not have enough money to play the maximum amount of coines into the machine found another machine at a lower price .long term chances are much better your gaming experience increased tenfold

Progressive machine

slot machine offering a huge reward,online casino jackpot typically exceeds milliom,these no doubt the best machines to play them

Maximum credit for every game

the only wat to win the big prize slot machines is to play the maximum credit

Machine at time

to save money and increase your money we reccomand you play one machine at any given moment

Progressive jackpot prize cumulative

usually outweigh the 100,000$ provide by the slots associated with them

Machine not progressive

usually pay more but much less.prize does not exceed 10,000$


the amount is set to bring slot machine prizes in the long run,usually 97%


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