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Roulette Games - How To Play ,Gaming Tips & Rules

Roulette -casino roulette is one of the old and classic casino games since 17th centary .the roulette is know as the most pupular gambling games on the casino all over the world

the player usually up to eight play againest the dealer who is responsibale to spins the roulette wheel and handles the wagers and payouts.

there is two kind of roulette the European rouette - in this version the wheel has 37 slots (0 up to 36) the second version is the USA roulette ,the roulette wheels include two zeros and therfore 38 slots.

the objectives of the game is to win the roulette ,the player need to predict where the ball will land after each spin , the player also bet combinations of number or choose the color or whether it is odds or even.this is for sure not so easy as it seems.

the player put it betting on the roulette table that know as "layout" the layout represent two diffrent area insid bets and the second outside bets.inside bets area contains the individual numbers on the layout,the outside betting area has boxes for the columns red/black and odd/even and different groups of numbers.

Inside Bets

 - Straight up-bte is a wager on single number pay(35:1)

 - Split bet - is a wager on two numbers pay (17:1)

 - Street bet - a bet on three numbers on single horizontal line pay (11:1)

 - Corner bet - a bet on four number pay (8:1)

 - Basket bet - is a five number bet on zero pay (6:1)

 - Duble street bet -is a wager on six number pay (5:1)

Outside bets (are any of the bets made in the box surroundin the numbers)

 - red black odd even - are all even money bets

 - Dozens bets - are made on the twelve consecutive numbers (2:1)

 - Column bet - are also twelve number bets but the numbers is on any of the three  vartical lines pay (2:1)

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