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 Playtech software is one of the leading online gambling software manufacturers with enormos reputation on the online gambling industry .the copany was establised on 1999 in cyprus and this long time more then 10 years on the online casino world make playtech with excellent experience on this playtech software powerd meny successfully online casino on the casino's world.

playtech software providing exclusively software platform with wonderfoul graphics and smooth design and use rich colourful,the user interface are so friendly and all this facts make playtech one of the favorite software company on the online casino's world.



the games selection are really wide and offer all the classic casino games like:blackjack,craps,roullete,there are more then 100 different games in playtech protifolio.player are able to play in playtech online casino using both the full download version or the flash version.the new hot innovation that playtech offer is the option of video streamd gaming that also know as live dealer casino's.on playtech software the player can totaly feel trusted and secure since playtech use great robust fraud prevention alert application.

on 2005 playtech become a apublic company since they register to London Stock Exchange,this step was defiantly strengthen the name playtech and build the credibillity on the online gambling industry.

for conclusion playtech know on the market one of the strongest forces in the onlinegambling development that allways think out to the box and providing great innovation.


                                                          Playtech web site:

                                                                         Tel: +972-361-39990




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