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Keno Guide - How To Play , Gaming Tips & Rules

Keno game is very similer to lotto ,keno games was introduced in china many years ago,keno games brought to USA in the mid 1800's,keno games become very popular games exixiting pastime because of the flexibility it gives player to customizing the game to their personal preferences an budgets

Keno games offer the possibility to wining large payout on relatively small bets

the rules for the playeing keno is to select a minimum of 4 numbers but no more than 10 ,the numbers should be between 1 to 80,each selection is called a spot so if you selected 7 numbers you are playing a 7 spot game

to start to play firstable choose a maximum of 10 numbers ,watch the Keno information monitor to detremain if your number are among those 20 during the game

on the online keno games the numbers that was mached was colored by the computer automaticliy and you need only to read the payout chart to determain if and how much money you won,the norm is more number you match more money you win.

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